3 Solutions To Protect Your Parked Car From Floods

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Written By Will S.

Floods can do so much damage, sometimes to the point of destroying your car or even your home. Thankfully there are more and more inventions appearing that will help protect your precious belongings from floods. Some of these listed below can even help to protect your home. Let’s get into it.

How to protect your car from floods

The Flood Guard

The Flood Guard Car Bag is a new big idea, literally making your car waterproof. Using this also allows you to clamp your car to a building or something strong, so there’s a lower chance of it floating away in heavy waters.

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Custom Flood Car Inflatable Bag

Check out this custom-built car airbag. Helping protect your car from objects and damage on the streets. This helps by creating air pockets inside and outside of the bag. This could be a quick solution if you cannot remove the car from the area.

car flood guard

Water-filled barrier

This is a much larger solution that can save your garage or home too. Find more details on the flood barrier here.

The water-filled barrier is a good solution but could be quite expensive compared to having a car bag. But you get much more protection with this one, as long as the flood waters don’t rise above the barrier.

house flood protection
house water

Think of the obvious

I know it’s straightforward-thinking and you have already thought about it. But if you can’t get a flood bag of any sort, make sure you think of these:

  • Put your car on high ground
  • Make sure all the doors and windows are closed


It’s not easy to find a cheap solution, either way, you will need to spend money on something. Protecting your car from floodwaters is a must, especially if you take pride in your cars. Most of the time it will be much more expensive to have the carp repaired or even have to buy a new car. I hope some of these options will help you protect your car or garage from further flooding.