Do Electric Cars Have Transmissions? + Visual Guides

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Written By Will S.

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular and are changing the world for the better, and it’s easy to see why. They’re efficient and stylish. But most importantly, electric cars can help cut down on pollution.

Electric cars have transmissions, but they’re substantially different from the ones found in an internal combustion engine. Most eclectic cars have a single transmission, while some sporty versions may have two or more.

There are varied opinions on whether electric cars have transmissions. Depending on the expert you ask, the answers will range from yes, sort of, or plain no. So let’s get into it right now, shall we?

Most electric cars have single transmissions

Nearly all electric vehicles have what is known as a single-speed transmission as opposed to the multi-speed transmission found in gasoline-powered cars. However, unlike internal combustion engines, which generate torque gradually, electric motors generate power immediately, allowing them only to need one gear or transmission.

During production, electric vehicle motors have a predetermined speed set, thereby creating consistent power output meaning the car is consistently operating at maximum capacity.

Conversely, in conventional internal combustion engines, the transmission is an essential part of the powertrain system, which transfers power from the engine to the wheels while shifting gears as the engine increases speed. Hence, they’re called multi-speed transmissions.

Electric cars with more than a single transmission

Advances in battery technology and vehicle design are changing how we think about electric vehicles. Some experts are now advocating for the use of a multiple transmission design to achieve the best possible performance—a direct contrast to the dominant single transmission format currently common in electric vehicles. 

For instance, some EVs today, such as the Audi e-tron GT and the 2022 Porsche Taycan, have multiple transmissions, providing more torque for faster acceleration. Learn more about two-speed transmission cars.

The Porsche has a two-speed transmission, which gives it exceptional acceleration and speed. With its lightning-fast shifts, this transmission ensures that you can take full advantage of the engine’s power and performance. 

Porsche cars are known for their speed and agility, making this an important factor because Porsche’s selling point is high performance.

The benefits of electric cars transmissions

There is no denying the fact that electric cars are growing in popularity, and for good reasons as well. These transmissions offer a number of benefits that can make driving an electric car more enjoyable and efficient.

Here are some electric car benefits:

  • Clean environment. Electric cars are some of the most environmentally-friendly vehicles on the market. Not only do they emit no pollutants, but they also have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional vehicles. So if you’re looking for a good vehicle for the environment, an electric car is a great choice.
  • Lower maintenance costs. Since electric motors have fewer parts, the chances of damage or wear are less than a conventional vehicle, resulting in lower operating costs.
  • Lower running costs. Electric cars run exclusively on the electricity you provide, meaning no gas is required. The rising prices of fuel have made driving fuel-powered cars very expensive.
  • Better Performance. With the rise of electric cars, manufacturers are scrambling to develop better performance models. The vast majority of electric vehicles offer better acceleration than their gasoline counterparts.


Electric cars have transmissions that differ from internal combustion engines. Instead of an engine, an electric motor draws power from the battery.

The difference between a gas-powered car and an electric vehicle is that the former uses an engine to get power from gasoline, while the latter relies on an electric motor to run. In both cases, you have a transmission that allows you to drive at different speeds.

Electric cars are relatively new, but they’re gaining popularity. Although they’re still unable to replace conventional engines completely, they’re making a significant impact in terms of fuel efficiency and emissions.