Porsche Cayman Aircon & Heater Fan Stopped Working – Solution

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Written By Will S.

We had experienced that the fans just stopped blowing air through one day on the Porsche Cayman. The car had been sitting at the airport carpark for a few weeks in the winter. We came back and the heater just wasn’t blowing any air through it. Even if I pumped the fans up to full power, nothing came out.

What car did we test this on?

Porsche Cayman S 2019

There’s 2 things you should check

1. Fuse box

There’re 2 fuse boxes under the footwells. Under the drivers’ side, and under the passenger side. Depending on your car whether it’s a left-hand drive or right-hand drive, they may be different. We are based in the UK so the Porsche handbook was for left-hand drives, and ours is a right-hand drive. That means the fuse box under the steering wheel in the handbook, is actually under the steering wheel on the other side.

You can go to page 114 in the Porsche handbook to find out the information on the fuse boxes.

Solution for us? No (Go to step 2)

We didn’t find any fuses blown or out. So this was ruled out for us.

2. The fan under the front bonnet

Pop off the big plastic cover

We then wanted to check the actual system. We opened the front bonnet, popped off the plastic black cover.

Pop off the aircon cover on the right

On the passenger side (of the right-hand drive car) you will find the aircon fan system under another cover.

aircon unit

Slide this cover down using your hands

fan cover
fan cover

Nudge the fan BUT BE CAREFUL

It’s very fast and you need to watch it doesn’t do any damage. We used our hands but it clipped us a bit. If you can, use a plastic stick of some sort.


The solution

The problem is basically a stuck fan in the aircon unit. All you need to do is give the fan a nudge so it can spin back up. I spoke to Porsche and they said it’s good practice to keep the aircon running on full power for 10 minutes afterwards.