What Does a Cold Air Intake Do? + Benefits

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Written By Jason Clarke

If you are looking to buy a vehicle or even get your vehicle upgraded, you may be wondering what a cold air intake system can do for your vehicle. So, let’s talk about what it is and why you may want to consider it. 

Cold air intake on your vehicle pulls air from cold sources like outside of your vehicle and uses that air to increase airflow to your engine. Cold air intake replaces the warm air that your vehicle normally filters back into the engine, allowing more oxygen in. 

Let’s discuss cold air intake and how it can benefit your vehicle. 

How does cold air intake work for your vehicle

Not all vehicles have a cold air intake system. So, let’s talk about how it works to help you understand if it’s right for you. Vehicles without cold air intake use the already warm air that is under the hood to add air to the engine. 

Rather than recycling that warm air, cold air intake systems pull air from the outside of your vehicle. Vehicles will pull air from on top of the hood, the front bumper, or even other parts of the interior. This allows cooler air to flow into the engine.

What are the benefits of a cold air intake system?

One of the biggest benefits of having a cold air intake system is that the cold air entering your engine is denser and has more oxygen than the warm air that would otherwise go in. This is because the cool air is dense, meaning it has more oxygen per area than warm air.

Fuel efficiency

Since the cooler air has more oxygen, it can actually add more power to your engine. This added power comes from your engine burning fuel more efficiently because of the added oxygen. So, having a cold air intake system can improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. 

Acceleration & speed

If better fuel efficiency isn’t enough for you to consider a cool air intake system for your vehicle, then maybe better acceleration will. Since cooler air is so dense, the engine can respond faster to acceleration. Cold air intake can help your vehicle accelerate faster and overall reach the speed you want faster just because of the density of the air. 

Less maintenance

Finally, cold air intake filters require a lot less maintenance than your typical intake filters. You will need to replace your intake filter regularly to maintain the best overall performance of your vehicle. You do not need to replace your cold air intake filters nearly as often as regular intake filters. In fact, basic cleaning every 25,000 miles (40,233.6 km) or so is enough to keep the car running and healthy. 

Final thoughts

Cold air intake can be a great addition to your vehicle or an added benefit when looking to purchase one. Consider adding this to your vehicle if you want the most possible fuel efficiency and the least amount of maintenance on the intake filter. 

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