Which Car Insurance Accept Vehicles With Vinyl Wraps Or Decals?

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Written By Will S.


Unfortunately, Aviva does not accept any vehicles with wraps or vinyl. They were very strict about this and this is what they said – “Unfortunately at Aviva any vehicle’s that have had Vinyl wrap bodywork would be a decline”.

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Direct Line

Unfortunately, Direct Line are very clear and strict about their vinyl wrap and decal policy on vehicles. They said, “No, we do not accept vinyl wraps or decals on any personal or work vehicles”.

You can learn more about their motor policies here.

Sheilas Wheels

Sheilas Wheels do not accept wrapped vehicles if it’s business-related. But if they are wrapped without business decals, then they are happy to insure.

This is what they said – “As long as the vinyl wrapping does not contain any kind of business advertising then we will cover this”.

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Yes! Admiral is happy to insure any vehicle with vinyl wraps or decals, whether they are personal or business-related.

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